Slow Flow Yoga Class is a blend of the traditional sequence of standing poses in Ashtanga Yoga and a vinyasa flow floor sequence that is unique and different. The standing poses poses are made easy and approachable. This class allows you to enjoy an invigorating yoga routine with a peaceful approach.

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  Slow Flow Yoga Class
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Hi, I'm Todd Mclaughlin.

I will lead you through the Slow Flow Yoga practice. I have been practicing yoga for over 20 years and I have found that taking a nice slow and chill approach can feel amazing. I am thrilled you will join me for this all levels yoga class.

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Establish a easy breathing rhythm to help calm your nervous system.


Build the use of your core strength to bring a sense of ease and stability into your mind and body.


Keep your visual attention at a steady resting point and your focus can determine your reality.